Cheryl Crooks with Craig Smith (CRS Editorial)

Are you a woman of 40+ years? Are you tired of not feeling good enough? Do you find yourself serving others and not living YOUR life on your terms?

You have the power within to unleash the best version of yourself by understanding who you are and the things you want to do.

We only get one shot at life, so to benefit from the wisdom of a person who has successfully navigated the path of self-understanding and who has experienced similar thoughts and emotions, means confidence and enlightenment are not as far away as you might believe.

It's time to overcome anxiety, self-doubt and procrastination as you discover the path to a more balanced life with highly accomplished mental health practitioner and certified neuro development coach, Cheryl Crooks.

Search for the hero

Have you ever taken it back to basics and tried to identify your purpose and true capability? Deep, I know, but the benefits to be derived from really understanding yourself are innumerable.

In a statistically driven society, being pigeonholed as a certain personality type or of representing a particular group of people fails to consider you – the individual.

Women at different times of their life require different things. For example, is that job you've had for many years still ‘you'? Does it truly make you happy?

Your hero resides within you, patiently waiting to be unleashed. Despite what you may currently feel, you have the strength and resilience to rise above fears and self-doubt.

On your journey of self-discovery, you will:

  • identify your true capability and purpose
  • sing and dance when you get up in the morning, safe in the knowledge you can achieve anything you want
  • understand what makes you tick and recognise your inner strength
  • explore the power of mindset, resilience and self-confidence
  • turn mundane days into magnificent ones! 

Making the difference

Cheryl is ideally placed to empower other women to recognise their value. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, she has faced and subsequently overcome barriers in her life to reach this point.

To have successfully navigated the challenges of life and as a woman in business – a black woman at that – has, in her own words, been “quite challenging”. Armed with her learnings and extensive global experience from across businesses and the healthcare sector, working with women at different stages of life – as a nurse, a clinical governance specialist focused on patient care, a mental health practitioner, and a highly skilled life coach trained in neuroscience – means she is well-equipped to support women to improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

Developing a deep level of trust and building an unwavering relationship requires an understanding of a person's journey to where they could potentially reach.

Cheryl possesses excellent consultancy, coaching and listening skills, along with a profound comprehension of the complexities of the human mind. As a result, she is in an ideal position to offer a life-changing experience of self-discovery and personal development to women who are striving to overcome obstacles.

With a seamless ability to empower women to become rich of mind and to achieve the goals and dreams they desire, Cheryl's non-assuming methodologies and active approach to understanding challenges not only give insight into the functions of the brain but offer enrichment to live a life by design.

The hero in you possesses the ability to overcome obstacles, so let's illuminate the world with your courage and strength, achieve your life balance, and live life to the full.


Are you a woman of 40+ years and looking to realise your potential?

Begin the journey to your dreams and to living your life by design by getting in touch with Cheryl on 07983 505369 or at

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