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Do you feel that you are invisible? You know that you were meant for more and painfully wonder how you can achieve this?

Are you not recognised and appreciated for the efforts you have made in your personal as well as your professional life. Does the emptiness that you feel keep you awake at nights? Does it hurt so much that it is indescribable?

Does it hurt that you have so much to give and don't know how? Is your self-doubt keeping you back from reaching your goals and doing things you love to do? Does it hurt so much that you feel you are almost there and don't have the energy for the final push but you know you must?


I am here to help.

As a life coach and business consultant in Crawley, I work with women who are struggling with their identity and purpose to give them the clarity of purpose and fulfilment by supporting them to reconnect with their inner selves to live their lives on their own terms.

I specialise in helping women in their careers, enabling them to see opportunities and perform to their potential, helping them to remove the shackles from their careers.

If you are looking for a way forwards in your working life, contact myself, Cheryl, today on 07983 505369.

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A range of coaching and consulting options

For Women in Mind



Online consultations

Wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from my coaching, gaining a positive mindset and helping you to achieve your goals.

With Consulting Coach, we can talk about your goals, the things that are preventing you from achieving them, and we can look at workarounds and ideas together, and find ways of removing internal blocks that prevent you realising your potential.



Face-to-face coaching

If you are nearby you could benefit from face-to-face coaching from a life coach and business consultant in Crawley.

Contact me to arrange an initial consultation.

This is the most effective method of coaching, and will enable us to help you see new pathways to a fulfilling career and life journey.




Online group coaching

I also arrange online group sessions, where participants can share and learn from each other's experiences in a positive and safe space.

These sessions are confidential and therapeutic, and give you the chance to share your experiences with others, and find common ground together. Many times in these sessions my clients help each other, and you begin to throw off the restraints that had been holding you back before. 



Business Consulting

Perhaps you are wondering how can I turn my skills into a viable business, I will work with you to discover your entrepreneurial brain and support you with taking your knowledge and skills and turning it into a business you want.
If you have a business I will consult with you as you work towards achieving your goals and will bring new and fresh out of the box ideas to refresh the business.



What makes us different?

Women face prejudices when they are looking to progress in their careers, to restart their careers or even to carve out a path for themselves. Many cultural and social mind-sets can hold us back and  many of which become normalised to the point of making women invisible.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back having been taught we do not deserve success or happiness. With my coaching, we can change things together.

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Work with me

My aim is to help you remove your pain of being invisible, your pain of never feeling good enough, the pain of never fulfilling the dreams you know you are capable of achieving, remove limiting beliefs, and help you achieve the recognition for you deserve.

I am a qualified coach and trained mental health professional.

I can work with you to take away your pain of being invisible, your pain of never feeling good enough, the pain of never fulfilling the dreams you know you are capable of achieving, remove limiting beliefs, and help you achieve the recognition for you deserve.

I take the approach that you have the answers within yourself, and we can work together to bring them out and to recognise your inner strengths and talents, which can you use to propel yourself forwards.

Then again, my coaching can help you gain a new perspective, helping you to reassess your goals and objectives. As a business consultant in Crawley, I help many women gain clarity of their purpose and fulfilment by supporting them to reconnect to their innermost selves and live their lives on their terms realise their strengths and help them take the first steps towards achieving their goals.



About Consulting Coach

All too often, for women who have worked hard, the pain of never feeling good enough and the lack of clarity see them begin to doubt their skills, knowledge and abilities and the self-doubt keeps them stuck. Stuck in a place where they continue to serve, while sacrificing themselves, their dreams, and aspirations for the advancement of others or even their careers.

I can help you because I was that woman.

My work helps you to gain clarity in where you want to go. We will look at decision-making, finding your innermost strengths and giving you confidence to create life on your terms As a business consultant in Crawley, I can help you reinvigorate your career, start a new career, develop and bring that business idea you have to fruition, help you find yourself to be the best self you were meant to be, or help you reassess your goals.





With my coaching, the focus is on you. Each person has their own unique struggles, goals, perspectives, and strengths, and the aim is to help you find your best way forwards.

My coaching helps you understand your thoughts and feelings, what is driving them, and also provides mindfulness and insight into the thoughts and feelings of others.

With my background as a mental health practitioner, and before that, emigrating from Trinidad and Tobago and navigating the system in the UK, I have the tools you need to help you find a new direction, financial freedom, and an enhanced life in general.

About Consulting Coach