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Helping women find success worldwide

I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, and immigrated to the United Kingdom. I faced a vast amount of challenges in the UK, navigating the system and establishing a career for myself working across the health care sector.

I had to demonstrate tenacity and adaptability to adjust to a new culture and way of life, attributes I'll be able to pass onto yourself, if you complete your coaching with me. I am a women's life coach in Crawley, and help all kinds of people find fulfilment in their careers.

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How I coach and consult

With women in mind

I used a neuroscience framework to help my clients reach their highest potential and optimise their brain power. Brain-based coaching and leadership strategies are the key component and play a pivotal role in my coaching.

Neuroscience helps us to understand our brains and how it works and how we can sabotage ourselves unconsciously without being aware, how we pay attention to the past and forget about the present. How thoughts, feelings, and emotions influence our behaviour and can move us away from our goals. Have you ever wondered…

  • Why did I do that?
  • Why am I not good enough?
  • I have made too many mistakes?
  • How do I get off this merry-go-round?
  • When will I be free?

When we understand the brain and how it influences us, we can have the answer to all of these questions and more.

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How it works

As an NLP practitioner, I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help people find new perspectives and outlooks on their lives and careers. This led me towards initiating my own methods and techniques to help people realise their potential, and I have recently become a women's life coach in Crawley, helping women fulfil their careers and find success in business, and their lives in general.

NLP works by using language to help redefine problems, finding what works and formulising it, so you can see problems in a new perspective, and discover new solutions by thinking laterally. This is only one of many approaches I can utilise to help you regain control of your career, find new goals and fulfilment in your life, and change your outlook on decision making and mindfulness.

For me each client is unique, and the problems and solutions we find together will be practical and applicable to their situation. If you are facing a glass ceiling or an invisible wall that is restricting your career, give me a call on 07983 505369 or email cheryl@consultingcoach.co.uk.

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How I can help

With my experience, compassion, and support, as well as my expertise in both business and life coaching, you will gain the mental tools you need to tackle problems in your life, see solutions in your business or career, and find new joy and fulfilment.

As a women's life coach in Crawley, I specialise in helping women find fulfilling careers and progression, but I'm happy to cater to men too, and people on many different journeys and backgrounds.

My work helps women redefine themselves, find new purpose, and overcome self-limiting beliefs that may have held them back previously. If you want to find a new start to your life or career, get in touch, or book a course today.



Booking a course

You can book a course online. Whether you are looking for online life coaching, face-to-face career coaching, or a group course to help you reaffirm your life values, you will find what you need at Consulting Coach.


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Call today to have a chat about what you need. As a business consultant in Crawley I provide life coaching and can help you find new direction in your life. Call 07983 505369 or email cheryl@consultingcoach.co.uk.


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