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If you are looking for a new way forward in your career, and are wondering where to turn, my coaching will help you. You can find a new viewpoint, and new ways of thinking, helping you to progress in your career, or find a new calling. I am an executive coach in Crawley, and help people in all kinds of professions. Call 07983 505369 or email cheryl@consultingcoach.co.uk, to book an initial appointment or to receive coaching that can change your life.

At Consulting Coach I offer three different methods of tutoring, designed to fit your preferences and needs. Find the way that is right for you here.

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Online consultations

I offer online life coaching and business coaching sessions to a wide range of participants. While my coaching is aimed predominantly towards women in senior career roles, an executive coach in Crawley, I cater to a wide range of people who are looking for success, and just unable to find it, even though they may deserve it.

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consulting coach in Crawley

Face-to-face life coaching

If you prefer to receive coaching and consultation face-to-face, you can book a session with myself at Consulting Coach, through the online booking system. Face to face coaching gives more insight into thoughts and feelings, and allows us to progress together to find new routes in your career. Whether you are looking for an executive coach in Crawley, or help with life decisions, you can rely on Consulting Coach to help you find a way forwards.

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Group coaching

I highly recommend online group sessions as a means of realising your true potential. With a group of likeminded participants, you can find new ideas of thinking together, and led by myself, you can help each other find limiting mind-sets and thinking patterns, and begin to release yourself from them. Contact me today if you are interested in online group life coaching.


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consulting coach in Crawley

Helping you define yourself

I have found that many women define themselves away from success. If you have ever thought, ‘That job is not for me,' or ‘I don't have the intelligence to take on that role,' then my coaching can benefit you. With my help, you can highlight your talents, gain recognition, and find a new role in your life, perhaps one that you had not considered before.

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